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May 16, 2010


“Ms. Hickson, 23, has already found her voice — and it’s a powerful one” – The New York Times

Eight lives.  Four choices.  Take your pick.  In EIGHT, hot young British playwright Ella Hickson gives voice to a generation coming of age in an era of terrorism and economic turmoil.  Intense, political, and sexually charged, EIGHT is made up of a series of thematically-connected monologues, exposing  the parallels between American and British youth cultures in the context of events ripped straight from today’s headlines.  Eight fascinating individuals struggle to forge identity and recover from trauma with the world stacked against them.  A dynamic, interactive experience, EIGHT explores the relationship between audience and cast. The audience takes an active role in deciding whose stories will be told, picking four of the eight monologues at each performance and creating a new show every night.

Andre, (Frank Britton) a young gay gallery owner, mourns the end of a relationship and laments the rise and fall of shock culture.  High end call girl Millie (Rachel Manteuffel) finds her business booming in the midst of economic collapse.  Young soldier Danny (Joseph Thornhill), newly wounded and home from the Iraq war, gets a job at the local morgue and discovers that his scars run deeper than even he may know. Schoolgirl Mona (Megan Graves) learns one must go to extremes to rebel in a house without rules.  DC born expat Miles (Jay Saunders) discovers a new life without responsibility after narrowly surviving a terrorist attack on the streets of London.  Prep school kid Jude (Kevin M. Costello) spends a summer in France, where an older woman educates him in love and obsession. Fashionista club kid Astrid (Ali Walton) weighs the ethics of infidelity while her lover sleeps. Young Edinburgh mother Bobby (Dawn Collet) will give her children the perfect Christmas no matter the cost. These powerful voices are featured in a dynamic show that will thrill Washington audiences this summer. Like the characters of Eight, the audience will discover that sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need.

Playwright Ella Hickson is a writer/director whose multi-award winning debut play, EIGHT, picked up a Fringe First Award and the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award in 2008 and went on to play in New York, Florida and London’s West End. Hickson returned to Edinburgh in 2009 with a new play, Precious Little Talent, which enjoyed a sell-out run and garnered wide-spread critical acclaim. She is now working with the Traverse as their inaugural Emerging Playwright on Attachment, a new joint initiative with the Playwrights’ Studio – Scotland’s Partnership Projects. She is also writing a script for BBC Scotland and working with London’s Roundhouse on a radio drama project.

Presented as part of the Capital Fringe Festival: unjuried, risk-taking, independent performing arts.

EIGHT information:

LocationTHE REDRUM @ Fort Fringe – 610 L Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

Fringe Festival Performance Dates and Times:

Thursday July 8 @ 6pm

Wednesday July 14 @ 8pm

Saturday July 17 @ 11pm

Sunday July 18 @ 1pm

Saturday July 24 @ 7pm

Fringe: Tickets: $15.00, available at the Fringe Box Office:  607 New York Avenue, NW or online at starting June 21st.

Director: Ryan S. Taylor

Cast:  Frank Britton (Andre), Kevin M. Costello (Jude), Dawn Collet (Bobby), Megan Graves (Mona), Rachel Manteuffel (Millie), Jay Saunders (Miles), Joseph Thornhill (Danny), Ali Walton (Astrid)

Stage Manager: Erin Glasspatrick

Lighting and Set Design: Kevin Kirkpatrick

Sound Design: Elisheba Ittoop

Costume Design: Jesse Shipley